Monday, July 07, 2008

glass scrub jars

So much for not posting this week! I was too excited about this find not to mention it. I'm not a fan of plastic in general, although I do recognize its many convenience and sanitary benefits. I've been looking for short, wide glass jars to put scrubs in for ages, and happened upon these ones at the grocery store with Phillip this morning! A plastic one-piece lid would be ideal (I know what I just said, but metal rusts in the shower) but these look great! Now that I look closely at them, I wonder if the coating might resist rust? I'll try it out. I don't yet make scrubs and such to sell, but I do give them as gifts and make them for myself. I might start selling them if people are interested... any local people who might be interested? Just out of curiosity.


allison said...

Sherry, I use (and love!) Pampered Chef prep bowls. The bowls are made of thick glass with a plastic lid. I use them mostly for storing bits of little-people food and natural peanut butter (8 secs in the microwave softens it w/out worrying about plastic) and the lid isn't in contact with the food. Here's a link:

Adam said...

Nifty, thanks! I have these jars for food storage, which I love:

And in the most recent set I bought, the lids are made in the US. :)

I've never thought to put my peanut butter in the microwave, I just always growl at it as I poke it with a knife to try and get the oils incorporated. Thanks for the tip@

sherrieg said...

Oops, I was signed in as Adam when I wrote that. It's me!


egassner said...

I love these jars! I found them a few years ago and they just came out with a full pint size so I will getting some of those for canning this year.
I haven't had any problems with it rusting (I store most my jars outside, under cover), but then again if you would be adding a salt scrub, I think it would rust for sure.
I'm always a little worried about using glass with bath products...just in case they were to fall and break