Wednesday, January 21, 2009

comfort week, day 3: place

Once again, today's picture was taken by Adam. He's one talented guy. Oh, and this photo was published in Photosho magazine. Nice, eh?

I grew up in a community right on the ocean, in a house overlooking the wharf where my dad fishes from. He is a lobster fisherman, and fishing is the largest employing industry in this area. His dad fished as well, so I like to think that the sea is in my blood, as airy-fairy and silly as that may sound. You can see more, including some snazzy pictures I took a couple of years ago, here. So being near the water is my special place - I feel settled knowing that the ocean is there.

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sunmamma said...

Wonderful photo!! I agree about the water. so soothing for me!

Amber said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love those TTV shots. :)

Alli said...

A woman after my own heart! : ) Amazing photos!

Anonymous said...

Can totally see why Adam's pic was published!

I love the bounties of the sea (having lived near oceans/bodies of water most of my life), but I can't say I really miss the sea itself. I think it's because I can't swim and water scares me.