Monday, January 12, 2009

peter and the creepy doll

This is Peter, Phillip's new buddy. I bought him from this Etsy shop. He's so sweet, well-made, and Phillip loves him. He's smaller and less expensive than many other Waldorf-type dolls, and I think he's just right. He's stuffed with real wool, and is cute as a button. Unlike this:
Which is the "baby" Phillip loved, and doted upon until Peter's arrival. It was a gift, and its glassy eyes with eyelashes only on the bottom lids kind of freak me out. I think it might disappear, now that Peter can fill the 'baby' void.

A funny story about Peter's name: over Christmas, we got to see some of Adam's extended family, which was great. He has a cousin named Peter, who Phillip took a shining to and toddled around after for an entire afternoon. When we arrived home, the doll was here! The name that came with him was 'Tobly', so that's how I introduced him to Phillip. A little while later, after letting them get to know each other, I asked Phillip what his name was. "Peter." Clear as day. "Peter, Peter, Peter." So his name is Peter.

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sunmamma said...

Ummm ya, that is one creepy looking doll. The waldorf doll is so adorable!!