Saturday, January 10, 2009

fondue with a new tablecloth

Guess where I picked up this tablecloth yesterday? Of course - Frenchy's. $1.50.

And I found this Pier 1 table runner, too. Also $1.50.
I bought them especially for tonight - we're having our annual Christmas fondue. Everyone wasn't able to make it in December, so we decided to have it tonight instead, and I'm excited. Phillip's napping, so I was able to get everything ready. Now I'm just waiting for him to wake up and for the guests to eventually arrive. Have a great weekend!


maya said...

Oh, I've always dreamed of Nova Scotia. I was just looking for property on PEI. I don't know about the cold, though. That kitchen set was such a find. My boys use them every single day ~ the oldest is 7! And quite the real-life cook, now.

Anonymous said...

You set a beautiful table!

sherrieg said...

Thanks for stopping by, Maya! PEI is great, but I like NS the best. :) The average temperature here in Yarmouth for January is -2 C, which isn't too bad. :)

Thanks, Teresa! :) It would only have been more fun if all of my blogging friends could have been here, too!