Saturday, January 31, 2009

a home for all seasons

This is a great little book I picked up this week for $4. (When I say 'little', I mean physically little. It's very cute.) It is full of beautiful pictures and inspiration. I've been gazing longingly at the light, bright, summery images. Although I do enjoy winter, too.

It's snowing today; beautiful, fat, wet flakes. I'm hoping to take a few more pictures later on.

Tomorrow, I'll share the next Recipe-a-week, from Barefoot in Paris! It's a dessert, so save some room!


sunmamma said...

Happy weekend!!!

Sarah C said...

I love little books - can't wait to see the dessert :)

Alli said...

I love you snowy tree pic! We are getting the snow now...Diego and I are soon heading out for a night walk in the snow!!! I love big white flakes falling slowly from the peaceful! Have a good weekend! : )

Mitten Monster said...

I just drove home in the snow then had to shovel my driveway. My awesome neighbours came over to help me! I heart snow!

Love your picture!

Anonymous said...

Little books are so cute! I have to say I don't enjoy winter much, so I'm really ready for spring (I don't want to hurry too much and head to summer). :)