Thursday, January 15, 2009

tasty "heirloom type" tomatoes

We used these tomatoes on kebabs this week. They roasted up beautifully. I'm still curious what exactly "heirloom-type" means. I know it means they're not heirloom, but what exactly are they? Regular commercial tomatoes in pretty colours, I guess. Ah well, they made for a nice picture.

A bigger, more stove-shaped box arrived yesterday with some soaping supplies in it, so I have plans already for version 2.0 of Phillip's stove for "cookings".


Sarah C said...

Aren't tomatoes lovely? You can check out what makes heirloom plants different from regular ones here:

Amber said...

LOOOOOOVE this photo!!! It just has such a beautiful glow! Oh I want to gush some more but I will stop. Love it, love it. :)