Monday, March 02, 2009

gerberas and good books

I hosted a little soapmaking workshop for four locals who wanted to learn how to make soap. I had lots of fun, since it involved talking about and making soap. Each participant made a one pound batch of soap (six bars' worth) with the essential and/or fragrance oils they chose, and I made a demo batch. One of the women who came brought me a gerbera plant! I thought that was so very sweet. And Springy! Happy March!
If you're at all interested in poring over gorgeous pictures of other people's homes and gathering ideas for your own, all three of these books are winners. I have to return them to the library this week, and I really wish I could keep them forever. Found Style, Family Living, and Country Living Storage Style - I think that just about anyone could find things they like in each of these books.

I enjoyed a storm day today, since we had an icy night and morning here. On the weather forecast I check online, they had an icon of triangles falling from the sky, which I had never seen before. Phillip and I washed the dishes, read books, and made granola bars. While he was asleep, I hemmed pants, read in those terrific books, packed up a soap order, cut the bars that the group made yesterday, and generally puttered about happily.

I'm so excited, I'll say it again - Happy March!

P.S. Thanks for all of the great comments about Adam's site! Just to be clear, I take all of the pictures for this blog, unless otherwise noted. He's a good inspiration to have around.


Anonymous said...

I love Country Living. I am going to have to check that out.

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hi Sherrie,
That's the same weather site I look at at least three times a day. I don't know why - they're hardly ever right, but it seems to be a compulsion! Your soap-making class sounds fun! Thanks for the note :)

Anonymous said...

re: photos...yes, I know you take pretty much all of the photos on this blog (and you're a danged fine photographer at that!). :) However, I do remember - and note - when you've shown Adam's photos (such as P among a carpet of fall leaves), and so I know that he is an exceptional photographer.

Oh dear - I do hope you won't get the dreaded triangle precipitation! LOL!

ELK said...

i am making the granola bars today ~do they have to be refrigerated?

love love the daisy!

Sarah C said...

That sounds like a pretty ideal day :)

sherrieg said...

ELK - We don't refrigerate them, but we often just toss them in the freezer and take them out as we eat them. :) Hope you like them!

ELK said...

I made them and they are wonderful thanks so much! I resisted putting chocolate in them as I was trying to stay away from it this time around, they would be devine with it tho'!!

Barb said...

Love the pic of the gerb ~ one of my favourite flowers. I'm going to look into growing them in my garden this year.