Monday, March 16, 2009

morning walk

Have you ever heard a lake melting in Spring? I hadn't until yesterday. I tried to catch it on video, but the sound didn't do justice to the event. It sounds like a warbly airplane is flying overhead. And then you realize that it's the lake, waking up from a long rest to say hello. It was really, really, neat.

Here's one of the clips I took anyway, just because the lake's edge was so lovely.


Lilla Jizo said...

Lovely pictures... those trees..!! I have heard a lake melting! I thought it was as if the ice was singing, like whales. It was magical! Must be four years ago now.

Bobble said...

We went for a walk around a small lake with the Verlages in Isle Madame the other day and we heard it too! Joe thought it sounded like whales. (Spring is later there.)