Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Doesn't that pasta look absolutely simple and delicious? Today I'm on a Donna Hay kick, from whence the photo by Chris Court comes. This follows the Ina Garten kick (that kick ended after the hours-long Ile Flottante, although there are still many recipes of hers I'm hoping to try). As most people who know me can attest, I go on 'kicks' quite often. During these 'kicks' of adoration for a particular person, author, or subject, I go to our local library website and place holds on whatever books are available. I just placed holds on 4 Donna Hay books. Yay! It's definitely cheaper than ordering them for keeps, and if I really, truly fall in love with a book and still want it when my birthday (March 30, just so you know) or another holiday rolls around, then I ask for it. If no one buys it for me, I can use Air Miles to get Chapters gift certificates. If I don't have enough Air Miles, I just might cave in and buy it with soap money. And if all of those avenues fail, I just might buy it. (And of course, I always check the book bin at Frenchy's - that goes without saying.) The Martha Stewart kick is the only one which has no beginning and no end. My mom has food kicks, as I think most moms do (probably me included). I know that Adam went through several Tater Tots kicks of his mom's when he was growing up. The thing I like about kicks is that they usually come around again, sooner or later, and enthusiasm for a particular thing peaks once again. So there's no need to feel as though you've abandoned anything - you'll get back to it eventually. If only there were enough time in each day to do everything I want to, I could be on a perpetual kick of everything. What are your kicks? Are they seasonal? I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and can't wait to hear about yours. I feel another kick coming on; the gardening one this time, which is most certainly seasonal. To me, it's by far the most exciting time of the year.


Anonymous said...

Mmm, I'm going to get dh to make that pasta when we have fresh basil to harvest! Think we'll sub in fresh tomatoes for the cans too.

I have my childhood food kicks: occasionally, I would just die for pork "fuzz", Chinese roast duck, Chinese pastries, and dried sour plums. Luckily, we hit Vancouver once a year and get my fill of all that. :)

sherrieg said...

Teresa, dried sour plums sound heavenly and I've never tried them. What are they eaten with?

Bobble said...

Sherrie, I do the same thing with cookbooks except not so much of one author at a time. I usually have a dozen or so books on hold——usually mostly cooking, home decorating and gardening books.