Sunday, March 22, 2009

what did I buy while I was away?

Soap, of course! Of all the things I need, soap is most definitely not on the list, since I have so much that I make. So I bought some anyway, from Olivier in the Saint John City Market. Partly for a picture I want to take, and partly because they make beautiful, natural soaps, and everyone can always use more of those, n'est-ce pas? Oh yeah, and they were in the 2/$5 basket.

I'm happy to be home, and it was surprisingly lovely to go without touching a computer for a few days. I think I'll have to do it more purposefully every now and then. Phillip had a very happy few days, so his mama did, too. But of course, it's nice to be home.


ELK said...

you made me smile sherri ~home sweet home for sure !

Sarah C said...

The last two times I was home I had to force myself to walk out of Olivier empty-handed :) I love that they let you try some of the soaps right there in the store.