Friday, March 14, 2008

we're back!

I took this picture (and many others) this past week when P and I were at his Nanny and Papa's house. His eyes look so green when he's wearing a green shirt! He was eating organic rice crisp cereal, which he does a very precise job of picking up and depositing into his mouth. His mouth which now holds six teeth. Six!

I have many other pictures and things to share, including some fantabulous video clips of Phillip, which I will post in the next day or so. It's nice to be home (the floors look even better in person!) and I am very much enjoying the longer evenings thanks to daylight savings time. I was outside this evening after P went to sleep and wrestled a couple of plastic bags out of the rose thorns, filled the bird feeder, and puttered around, enjoying the fact that it was still light out. Happy weekend, and I hope you enjoyed a springy evening, too.

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