Thursday, March 27, 2008

yesterday's news and envirosax

Our terrific friends who were here on the weekend came bearing gifts (we miss you, and not just because you brought gifts!) One of which was this set of Yesterday's News recycled coloured pencils. They're made of recycled Chinese newspapers, and they're just plain neat.

An Envirosax reusable shopping bag was another sweet gift, which I really like because it folds up to an itty-bitty thing in my bag, unlike the other canvas ones I have (which I also enjoy, and are sturdier for heavier things.)

I'm looking forward to a pleasant weekend at home with a birthday thrown in! Yup, I'll be the big 2-7 on Sunday, and I haven't thought of anything to do to celebrate. (Phillip has an ear infection, so he's been occupying most of my thoughts.) It is Earth Hour on Saturday night, so we'll be sitting in the dark from 8-9, hopefully with some friends. I think I'll start working on a list of 27 things to do while I'm 27. I remember having similar intentions when I turned 26, but don't think I actually got around to making a list. Maybe the first thing on my list will be to not worry if I don't have the list done. Anyway, the weather's warming up and maybe we'll enjoy an outdoor adventure together!

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