Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goods 4 Girls Update

Goods for Girls

I've mentioned Goods 4 Girls on my blog before; it's time for an update. I was reading Crunchy Chicken's blog today, and she was pleading for more help spreading the word about Goods 4 Girls. There's a huge demand and more reusable pads are needed for girls in Africa, so they're able to attend school while menstruating. I realized that despite my best intentions, I hadn't yet made a donation. So I did today, by purchasing a pile of pads through a WAHM who supports the program though free shipping. There's a list on the Goods 4 Girls site of many different ways to donate; most places have free shipping and discounted prices for Goods 4 Girls donations. You can also get involved if you're a sewer, or you can make a monetary donation by cheque, PayPal, credit card. This is a really great cause, and a perfect solution - reusable pads make so much more sense than handing out disposable ones in so many ways. There's no need to worry about when more will arrive, no disposal concerns, and it's better environmentally. So if you forgot to get me a birthday gift (;)), please help support this very worthy cause!

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