Wednesday, December 10, 2008

chocolate gingerbread bars and fish cakes

I made these Chocolate Gingerbread Bars on the weekend. Thumbs up!
And last night for supper I whipped up some fantastic fish cakes. I didn't use a recipe, and they were amazing. I have no idea of amounts for the ingredients, but they're made using mashed potatoes, cooked haddock, lots of dill, a couple of eggs, salt, pepper, a splash of tabasco, and pan fried in olive oil. I combined relish and mayo for a homemade tartar sauce, too. If I'd made the mayo myself, it would be hardcore homemade, but I didn't have time. They were served with roasted broccoli, made like this. Also absolutely delicious.

What did you eat this week that was delicious?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I just finished dinner, and now you've made me hungry again.

Austen said...

Those chocolate gingerbread bars look amazing! I might have to try them this weekend...They'd be the first delicious thing I've eaten this week, that's for sure. Because I'm pretty sure that Burger King does NOT count. :)

ps. I love your Christmas tree!

Anonymous said...

I think the creamy scallop pasta dh made last night was the most delicious thing this week. :)