Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas, part one

We had a lovely holiday and are home again. We visited lots, ate lots, and have lots of laundry and cleaning to do, especially since we didn't have power for a few days before going away. Adam took a few pictures I'll share; more are coming when I unpack my camera. The PJ's were an early gift from Phillip's aunt (my sister) and uncle, who will be having their first wee one in 2009. I'm going to be an aunt, yay! I really am super excited.
Adam gave me this gorgeous handmade wooden ladle, specifically for crockpot use, so the surface doesn't scratch. I love it, and so does Phillip!
And this was a gift I gave to Annie, which I made from a beautiful 100% wool Frenchy's sweater. She uses a water bottle every night, so I knew that she would appreciate it. And I thought it was quite clever, since Toast sells similar ones for 44 pounds. Too bad I didn't get a better picture! I'll be back soon with a few more pics of some beautiful handmade goodness.


Stacey J. said...

Loving those little PJ's!

Goatmeal_Crisp said...

Looks like the PJs are a perfect fit -- good thing we didn't wait! Speaking of crockpot accessories, I had a Crockpot carrying case in my stocking. Handy -- hopefully it will fit my non-Crockpot-brand Crockpot. But my favorite gift was a digital picture frame!

Anonymous said...

P is so cute with his little monogrammed pajamas, and so is the hot water bottle sweater!