Saturday, December 13, 2008

early Christmas gifts

So, it turns out that we have a knack for breaking dishes. The dishes we registered for and received as wedding gifts were stoneware, and were a very sorry sight after 6 years of use. So I started picking up odd dishes like the ones above here and there (mostly at Frenchy's, of course.) Which seem to promptly end up broken. So after much deliberation, I decided that Corelle dishes are the most sensible solution, as they're light (very nice after those heavy stoneware dishes) and break and chip resistant. I've been keeping my eye out for them on sale, and the open stock pieces were half price today. So we picked the pieces we wanted, in white, of course, and since they were open stock, we didn't end up with any extra useless pieces (like mugs). Since we've also been breaking glasses, we picked up a box of those, too, which were not on sale, but are fabulous. I'll post about them soon. Yay! The cupboard is a much happier place now. I kept the dishes above to use as plant saucers or whatever else strikes me, as well as P's beautiful wooden bowls.
And lookie here! Ingrid knit me these gorgeous fingerless mitts and a matching cowl for Christmas! I love them. Thanks, Ing!


egassner said...

Oh, I love Corelle! We have them in sandstone (the off-white). There is an outlet semi-nearby so I picked up all mine at great discounts too!

Heidi said...

I've been toying with buying some Corelle. I love my (heavy) Fiestaware, but I have 2 kids who want to learn how to wash dishes. (That noise you hear is me jumping in the air and clicking my heels together)

Stacey J. said...

LOVE the dishes!

Anonymous said...

We've used Corelle ever since we were married (close to 20 yrs now); dh's mom was a huge fan, and was probably the one to get us our first set (can't remember).

Anyway, we love them, with one caveat: yes, they are generally break-resistant, but if they hit the floor in just the right way, not only do they break, but they will shatter spectacularly into a gazillion pieces. So be aware of that. :)

And we agree, the plain white ones are the best!