Tuesday, April 07, 2009

la shoppe vert (lots of photos)

This is 'La Shoppe Vert'. It's in Concession, near Saulnierville, and there are walls and walls of fabric, sewing and quilting doodads, and some very old groceries.
Ingrid and I went on Sunday afternoon, and we both found some fabric for crafty projects. How happy does she look, clutching her fabric and Blackberry? (The Blackberry was an integral part of me finding fabric to match the curtain material I found at Frenchy's last week, since I didn't think to take it with me. She just looked up my post, and voila, I found some to match! Brilliant.)

La Shoppe Vert is in an old building, and these are the original smoke detectors.
This is down in the basement, where there used to be a bowling alley. Well, it's kind of still there, only under boxes and dust and such.
This is the material I didn't buy so that I would have an excuse to go back.
We had a fantastic lunch at Chez Christophe, where I had never been before. I had fricot, which I had never had before. They have a thing for glass jars, too.
And dessert was apple crisp with ice cream. Yum.
I've been sticking pictures and postcards and past months of this calendar up on the pantry wall. And I haven't gotten tired of it yet! Probably because it's always changing.
See the Bird's Custard Powder can? The owner of La Shoppe Vert gave it to me. I think it's from 1982 or so.
And these are the fantastic new shoes I found at Frenchy's! They're greener than they appear, and are so very comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that I wore them home. Phew! That was a long one. Thanks for tuning in!


ingrid said...

It was such a fun day! We need to go on some more adventures!

Alli said...

I wish we had a cool store like that in Halifax!!! Maybe we do but I just don't get out on enough adventures! Next time you come to Halifax, we should try to spend an afternoon adventuring around town! :)

Teresa R said...

Oh you are so cruel to show me those wonderful fabrics when I can't get my hands on them! ;)

Love those new shoes! I never have luck finding shoes at a thrift store.

ELK said...

i was drawn to the glass bottles and the color of the building ~fun outing! elk

Austen said...

Mm, 30-year-old custard powder. Deeeelicious! Are there some very dubious Nanaimo bars in your near future?

Kristina said...

Great photos! I especially love the one taken of the security mirror. Looks like a fun place to spend an afternoon.

Sweetfern Handmade

Trudi said...

Looks like so much fun - I am seeing a few places I need to visit on my next trip!

Jac said...

So lucky having such a gorgeous fabric store nearby and it even looks lovely from the outside! I had to laugh at your Birds Custard, coming from the UK this reminds me of school dinners when I was a child. In fact as I'm now 37yrs old, I may have even been served custard at school from that very same batch that your tin came from. Needless to say I never ate the custard at school as it always had lumps in it!!