Saturday, April 11, 2009

spring miscellany

After breakfast yesterday, I asked Phillip what he would like to do more than anything else in the world.
"Go outside!"
So out we went. First for a long walk, where we saw these hundreds and hundreds of crocuses. See all of the ones at the top of the photo? I couldn't get a closer shot without going right into the backyard, but it was beautiful.
I also made these scones again yesterday. Yum. Quick and easy. Oh, and I used my new mixer! It works like a dream.
Yes, there are two on this plate, both of which I promptly ate.
I am enjoying A Homemade Life, a birthday gift to myself, very much. It's by Molly from Orangette, and it's a cookbook of sorts. There are plenty of recipes, and each is accompanied by a well-written mini essay on a particular event related to the recipe. I love that it's in (pardon the pun) bite-sized pieces, and I can sit and read one or two and feel satisfied, or if I'm comfy and the tea is good, several. It's definitely worth picking up, and this is one I wouldn't recommend getting from the library, since you'll want to go back and make the recipes again and again.


Teresa R said...

Mmm, crocuses...double mmm, scones!! :)

How on earth do you keep your cookie sheets so clean and shiny? Mine always look like they've been through a battle with lots of fire.

sherrieg said...

Ha! Teresa, they're brand new. I've only used them a few times. That's the one and only reason that they're so shiny! :)

Jac said...

I keep seeing references to the book This Handmade Life, I must go and check it out! I was also thinking of making scones this afternoon, so it made me laugh when I came across your blog today and saw your photo of the two scones on the plate - ha! and the fact you promptly ate both - that's the thing with scones too easy to eat!! :)