Thursday, April 09, 2009

sewing accessories, etc.

I found this little sewing case at Value Village this week in Halifax for 99 cents. I couldn't pass it up, especially because of its resemblance to this fantastic place. Don't the blue metal and the font scream 'Brunswick'? There were only two spools of thread worth saving from the things inside, but the case will certainly come in handy.

I haven't had a chance to use any cardamom yet, but check out the comments on this post for a granola bar recipe from Sarah.

Look what I bought with some soapmaking money! I think the picture that was chosen for the cover was a dreadful selection. Shells on lampshades? Really, Martha. I'm disappointed. But the rest of the book is excellent, and I have some more things added to my list of crafty projects. Like I need more things on my lists. Good grief.

It's a long weekend! We may have some friends coming to stay, and as always, there are lots of other things to be done. Soap needs to be made, and I'm eager to try making some solid perfume. The one I ordered isn't quite the right scent for me (too much lemon and not enough sugar), so I'll do it myself. "Sherrie do it!" (Phillip's been saying "Phillip do it!" lately when he wants to do something on his own. I wonder where he gets that from?)

Today was a kind of crummy day, punctuated by a fun, impromptu lunch with Ingrid. But there's always tomorrow, and a long weekend certainly helps! I hope that you have a great long weekend, whatever you're celebrating. (Even if it's just having a long weekend!)

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Andrea said...

I just made this recipe using cardamom last night: It was delicious! Just a note, though, I did make a variation to the recipe. It calls for 1/2 gallon, but I used 4 cups of 1% milk and the consistency turned out just about right (if not a little runny). Also, I cooked mine for much much longer, well over an hour.