Monday, April 20, 2009

lemons and little house in the suburbs

Hello, lemon! I think you just might end up in some lemon bars for tomorrow night's baby shower. If I have enough time, that is. If not, maybe I'll use one of these suggestions.

Today, Blogger tells me that this is post #928, so you can disregard yesterday's message.

I found a new favourite blog today! It's Little House in the Suburbs, and it's full of fun DIY projects to try. First on my list: Quick Stick Deodorant. And for fellow gardeners out there, newspaper seedling pots and how to build a seedling tray. Oooh, and if your sink drain is in trouble, here's a very natural and effective way to clean it out! And on, and on. Have fun browsing around!

I'll be back with shower pics in a couple of days!


Anonymous said...

What a cool blog, thanks!

As for the drain cleaning thing - I've trained dh to take care of it! Problem solved and I don't have to stick around for the stench. ;D

Alli said...

mmm...lemon bars...I have never tried to make them, let me know how they turn out...I have some lemons waiting to be used up!

Thanks for the blog link...there are lots of great tips!

Have fun at the baby shower!


ELK said...

lemon bars speak to me....thanks for the links sherri.

sherrieg said...

Thanks for the comments! The link to the lemon bar recipe is the one I use all of the time - it's perfect. I take them to showers, parties - everyone loves them! So I definitely recommend trying it! :)