Tuesday, December 04, 2007

birch bark soap

I'm so pleased with everyone's interest in my soap! This is the name and stamp design. It was made with lots and lots of help from Adam. Thanks, love! With some more help from Adam, I'm busy getting my paypal account set up, the website up and running, and all of those other details which need to be done. It's a lot of fun, and is going very well.

I'm happy to offer the discounted test batches to you, my loyal blog readers. The soaps are made with olive, coconut and grapeseed oils, as well as cocoa butter, making for a rich and moisturizing soap. I'm still working to find the perfect combinations for different soap types. Only real essential oils (rather than fragrance oils) are used, and the soap is made in small batches. Because these are test batches, there are lots of odd sizes of bars. (I'm waiting for my new and uniform molds to arrive.) Prices are as follows for the discounted bars, plus shipping:

4oz bar - $3.00
3oz bar - $2.50
2.5oz bar - $2.25
2oz bar- $2.00

Send me an e-mail at birchbarksoap@gmail.com if you're interested!


Anonymous said...


How did you make that logo?
MS Paint?

sherrieg said...

Hi Anonymous,

My husband drew it in Photoshop - nice, eh?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. :)
I always wished I had Photoshop.