Saturday, December 29, 2007

knitting and visiting

We've had a lovely time with Adam's folks this week. With all of the free babysitting and wallpapering services (I promise, the pictures are coming!) we'll be sorry to see them go. And because they're just nice, too. Ingrid came over for a little visit, too - those are her deft hands knitting away at an adorable sweater for Phillip's birthday (which isn't until June - she's on the ball.) And that mug is one of four (all different colours) which Adam bought for me from the MOMA for Christmas. I love them!


Allison said...

Hi Sherrie! Glad you're back posting. Quick question? Have you tried making your own baby cereal? I've been making my own purees but never thought about cereal until I realised how much it's costing us! It's as if twin babies eat twice as much food! ;o) A great site is and it has cereal recipies but I like hearing 'real' people's attempts more.

sherrieg said...

Hi Allison,
No, I haven't tried it, but I'm planning to since Phillip is eating a ton. Twins! Well, double congratulations. :) I have looked at that site (thanks!), and I also borrowed a good book from the library by Annabel Karmel. The only thing I'm wondering about is iron - if I just take regular organic brown rice which isn't fortified, P won't be getting that extra supplement. Hmmmm.

sherrieg said...

I just found the answer to my questions: