Sunday, December 02, 2007

crafting afternoon

These are three other lovely items I found at Frenchy's the other day. The beautiful cable knit is a J. Crew sweater made from a blend of wool, angora, and cashmere. Can you say "Mmmmmm"? At the bottom is my all-time favourite material - corduroy! I found a great pair of Gap cords which fit to perfection. On the left is an LL Bean men's wool slipper sock thingy for Adam.

We had a great time at Ingrid's crafting afternoon yesterday. 50% of the work accomplished was abandoned because it was a)completely huge and unsuitable or b)"butt-ugly". Thankfully, mine is a-ok and I'm excited to give it to its recipient. I also can't wait to try making the delicious tart that Ingrid made for us - it was remarkable!

In completely miscellaneous news, I had my first lobster of the season for breakfast this morning. In case that sounds ridiculously extravagant, I'll tell you that my dad is a lobster fisherman, and it was delivered fresh to my door. Mmmmm.

In other assorted miscellany, the forecast says that we're to get 15cm of snow tomorrow, our first real snow of the winter. Adam has the day off, so I'm looking forward to a cozy day at home with my boys!


Sarah C said...

I get the Barenaked Ladies, but you get lobster for breakfast! I think you've got the better end of that stick :) You wouldn't believe what they charge for lobster out here.

Enjoy the snow! We had it here all day today and had a great time getting out and about getting ready for Christmas.

Virginia said...

Hey Sherrie!

Seems like you, Adam and P are doing great.

You gotta love the weather people, they said it was going to be 5 cms of snow today, and we're up to about, 10 cms now. It's like a snowstorm. Comcial.

Bye for now!