Sunday, December 16, 2007


Adam took this shot of Phillip after his bath the other night.

Adam's also been working away at our bedroom, which is looking really good. I picked out paint the other day, and ended up taking it back because it was way too yellow. I had it re-tinted, and it looks much better, but not exactly what I had in mind. It will be lovely, though, and certainly much better than it was. There's one wall which had a few layers of wallpaper and paint, so we're putting new drywall over that, in case there's lead under there. There are also a few spots where the plaster has separated from the lathes, so that needed to be repaired. Sometimes I wish we had a new-ish house where we could just paint! But it will look great. I have the before pictures, and can't wait to share them along with the after ones! Adam's family is coming for Christmas (not The Adams family) so I'm really hoping it will be done before they arrive. A very kind friend is helping us with some of the trim this morning... progress is being made!

Hope you're all enjoying your Christmas preparations!

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