Monday, December 31, 2007

a little bird told me

MIL bought these sweet little birds for Phillip for Christmas. They're from here.

And a couple more pics of the tea bowls Adam gave to me.

The next few days will (in theory, at least) be filled with cleaning, sorting, and soap making. This all leads up to Big Bad Thursday, when I return to work after my splendid maternity leave. Sigh.


ingrid said...

Oh.My.God. those birds are so cute! And Phillip's facial expression is hilarious.

Joslyn said...

those tea bowls are seriouly pretty!

Anonymous said...

HI Sherrie!!

He is so precious....he looks like a mini of you!!

The tea bowls are so sweet!!

Jan 3 is an inservice day.....did anyone tell you that????

Can't wait to see you in the school but know how hard this intital separation is going to be!!

xo Connie

sherrieg said...

Thanks, everybody! Yes, I did know about the in-service - I'll be puttering away at my office. Thanks for the heads-up!

drinking water filter said...

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