Saturday, December 01, 2007

frenchy's loot

Phillip and I tried the Joey hold in his Moby Wrap last night - he loves being able to face forward and see everything that's going on. Annie, Phillip and I went to Frenchy's the other day, and I found some books for Phillip, including this adorable vintage style one.

I have a big crafty-related project in the works, which is why posts have been slowing down over the past week. I promise I'll share as soon as things are all ready to go - it's very exciting and fun, but I need some more details sorted out before I can spill the beans. This will be at least a couple more weeks.

This afternoon, I'm attending another Christmas crafting party, which should be a great time. Again, I can't share what I'll be working on, since the recipient reads this, and we wouldn't want to spoil the fun.

Happy first day of December!


Marla said...

Is that Pat the Bunny? I almost bought it for Phillip the other day!

sherrieg said...

It is indeed. Such a sweet little book!

Sean said...

Ah! I read that book when I was little! That's awesome:) Nothing like a good dose of nostalgia courtesy of chez fracois.

Sarah C said...

Phillip is such a happy baby! So cute!