Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wow, this whole "let's move every photo I've posted on my blog over to my new flickr pro account" idea is taking a lot of work. Mainly because I have over 1300 images there now, and most of them are untagged and need to be sorted into sets. But I do have all of the images there for your perusal, and there are plenty of pics which haven't been posted here. Primarily soap ones, which I've been posting on my other blog. Anyway, pardon the current un-organized-ness while I plug away at sorting them. Do have a peek, and please add me as a contact under my 'birchbarksoap' username!


Heidi said...

I've been meaning to move all my photos to flickr too, but just can't find the time yet.

I love the look of your coconut salt bars, btw = )

And...I'm having a bamboo diaper kit giveaway on my blog if you're interested.

sherrieg said...

Thanks, Heidi! I saw your giveaway and for some strange reason didn't enter right away. But I'm off to do that right now! :)