Wednesday, September 17, 2008

second giveaway winner

Congratulations to Sarah, the winner of the thrifted Gap bag, for the following story:

"I had a recent Frenchy grossness when I was in Yarmouth a few months ago visiting my mother. I was looking for some fabric to make a scarf. The idea I had in my head was driving my nuts... I had all the colours and fabric prints all stuck in my head. I couldn't believe how well I was doing.. finding everything I was imagining. I just needed a dark fabric to use for the outside of the scarf. I wondered over to men's section. I noticed there was someone coming over to the same bin as I, which usually makes my uncomfortable, because others tend to take what I was looking at in the first place. Anyway, the guy that came out of the dressing room, was coming over to the bin for Men's pants, which is where I was. I was looking at the pants he was about to drop back in the bin, and thought... that fabric would be so awesome! So, when he left, I grabbed the pants. They were a Tommy Tweed baggy type pants and they were brown! As I was walking up to to pay for all the clothes I found, I kind of noticed my hand was a little damp.... I'm just going to say that the pants I had JUST picked up, had fresh boogies in them, and I had pretty much covered my hand in it. I was so grossed out... and disappointed because that was the perfect fabric.
(I did find a better fabric at Walmart once I got back to Halifax)


Sarah, I'll give the bag to your Mom next week when I see her, if that's okay. :)

Oh yes, that's gross. And I had forgotten to share a gross story from when I was a kid, which my sister reminded me of when she left this comment:

"Ooo, I have one! At one of the Digby Frenchy's, the person I was with decided to buy some candy from one of the vending machines near the door. She inserted her money, extended her hand and turned the handle to catch the hot tamales...and the pile of ants that came with them!

Oh, wait -- THAT WAS YOU!!"

Thanks, Mar. I still like hot tamales. Mmmm.

In other news, I'm in the process of putting all of my photos in one flickr stream, using Migratr. It's a fantastic free tool for moving photos from one hosting site to another, and I am SO grateful for how easy it makes the whole process that I might even make a donation. I purchased a flickr pro account, and wanted to move all of my pictures (including pics from a different flickr account) into that one. Not possible through flickr. Then I came across this great tool which let me easily move those pictures over, and pictures I've posted here on this blog (which are saved in Picasa web album) without having to rename and tag all of them. How cool is that? The only thing is that it's not compatible with Macs, so I'm moving them on my work computer while I'm doing work (it takes awhile). I should have all of my photos organized and in one place very soon, which I am extremely pleased about. Have I mentioned that this is a great tool?


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Sarah! She really does deserve a nice bag after that incident. ;D

Heidi said...

Congrats Sarah! I'm kinda glad I didn't win...wouldn't want to hav to beat that experience ;0)