Friday, September 05, 2008

new family pic

Here we are, in a pic taken by MIL when we were on my Dad's boat a few weeks ago. I think it captures us pretty accurately, squishy face included.
And how pleased does my Dad look to be showing Phillip how to steer? I love this pic. Thanks, MIL!

Happy weekend! I'll be busy doing this tomorrow. Should be fun!


The Logans said...

What a lovely family picture!!

Anonymous said...

If you guys aren't the cutest family (although you know who stole the show)! Phillip will be running the boat before you know it.

Have a fun time with the workshop!

Goatmeal_Crisp said...

Both good pics, but I love the one of Dad with P!

VoofaVoofa said...

Love the family pic!

And we have that same life jacket. Superstore, end-of-season sale!