Friday, September 12, 2008

magical number 7!

And the winner of the scarf is comment #7 from Ms Ready! I was tempted to choose this one just because it's great, and then the random number generator chose for me!

"I don't know if this counts but I will share it anyway because I think it's a great story. There I was, completely engrossed in my Frenchy's shopping. I had just tried on a boat load of clothes and had the 'no' pile at the top of my basket to return to the proper bins. Finally I made my way up to the counter with my purchases. As I began unloading my basket I thought, wait a minute, didn't I come in here with a jacket? Frantically I retraced my steps looking for my favorite comfy $150 wool coat in every bin and dressing room I could find, but alas, the coat was nowhere to be found. Suddenly the cashier I think I might have just sold it to someone else, for $5.00. Nope, I wasn't loving the Frenchy's bargains that day. She didn't really know who the person was that she sold it to, but I left my name and number in the hopes that some miracle would occur and my coat would be returned. A week passes by, and one afternoon my phone rings. God love caller ID when I saw "Guy's Frenchy's" blazing across the mini telephone screen. The lady who had accidently purchased my coat a week before, and subsequently had it drycleaned, had returned to Frenchy's and been recognized by the same cashier. She was calling me from Frenchy's to say yes, I could have my coat back. The next day I meandered into Frenchy's with a thank you card and a little gift for the good samaritan to retrieve my long lost, freshly dry cleaned coat. My best thrift store find ever :)"

E-mail me at grahamsherrie at yahoo dot ca, and we'll work out the details! Thanks to everyone for your stories, I loved reading them! I'll try to post the next giveaway tonight after the boy is asleep.


egassner said...

What a great story! Congrats to Ms Ready!

Anonymous said...

I did think that was the best story when I read all the comments, so how great that she won! :)

Austen said...

I agree - I liked this story the best too! (But I'll admit, I'm going to hang onto my own coat a little more tightly the next time I'm trying things on at the VV!)