Sunday, September 21, 2008

welcome to yarmouth (lots of pictures!)

Phillip and I went for a lovely quiet walk, bright and early this morning. I took the camera along, and captured some sunny September Sunday morning moments, and the jist of what Yarmouth is like, in case you've never been here. We had been planning on moving away for Adam to go on to PhD studies, but our plans have happily changed, and we're staying put. I find that since making that decision, I'm noticing more things I love about Yarmouth, and I want to share them. It really is a lovely, quiet, safe, beautiful, and historic town, with clean air, friendly people, the ocean, and us, of course! Glad you could join us for our walk.
I love September - it's kind of the netherworld between summer and true fall. I thought the green grass and rusty leaf captured that nicely.
We went down to the waterfront, where there were boats,

and signs,
and the chance to buy some boiled lobster. Mmmmm.
A shiny shop display in beautiful fall colours caught my eye.
Our YMCA uses solar panels to heat the pool. I think that's fantastic.

These adorable hats are in a window display at Hands on Crafts, a local craft supply store owned and operated by a group of crafters and artists, where I buy most of my soap supplies.

And the Old World Bakery and Deli sees us often. Their food is amazing, homemade, from scratch. Real, good, food.
You can always pop in at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth branch.
Or watch a ridiculous number of bees competing for space in a particular rose. There were four in the top rose, and two already in the lower rose. And lots more buzzing about - I didn't want to get too close.

Over the past few years, a lovely path has been completed which goes the length of the waterfront, and it's planted with these roses. These roses grow extremely well here and it's nice to smell them over the other fishy waterfront smells. I love how they're growing through this fence.

Well, that's a tiny piece of Yarmouth for you; come for a real visit and we'll see lots more. Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday - we're off to pick some apples this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

As lovely as all the photos are, the one that most makes me want to visit Yarmouth is, of course, the boiled lobsters sign. ;>

Amber said...

It looks like a beautiful place to live, thanks for sharing!

Have fun apple picking! I am just starting on our self-picked apple sauce today. The house smells so good. :)

Austen said...

Oh, I miss Nova Scotia in September. It's always beautiful, but I think it's most beautiful in the fall. Thanks for the walking tour!

The Logans said...

I haven't been to Yarmouth since elementary school, but your pictures make me want to hop on the ferry tomorrow morning! :)

Sarah C said...

Ach! Now I'm homesick! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, Sherrie :)