Saturday, September 20, 2008

"I don't want silk. I want polyester."

Nope, no one's getting this bowl. It's a handmade sugar maple bowl I found at a yard sale this morning. Along with the set below (not handmade, but lovely solid wood). Total: $3. Phillip loves wooden bowls, which is great, because he can throw them as much as he likes.

Here's the deal for this last blogaversary giveaway. I found this at a yard sale (I know, not Frenchy's, but the same idea) and love it. But a) I don't need it and b) it doesn't fit in with anything in our house. We have the antiquey mismatched thing going on, while this would fit in beautifully in a more modern kitchen with brushed steel appliances or an office-y space. It hangs on the wall, has four magnets with it, and pegs for hanging keys on. And the notepaper holder, which I think is dreamy. The catch: it's pretty large (probably 12 inches by 12 inches or so, maybe bigger) and I am not planning on paying shipping for this to anywhere in the world, since that would mean that we would no longer be able to eat. So here's the plan: I'll choose two winners from comments on this post, one local, and one non-local. The non-local winner will win three bars of my fabulous soap!

Here's the question: What's the strangest or funniest thing you've ever seen or heard at a yard sale or thrift store?

Mine were this past week.

Seen: A prosthetic lower left leg with a HUGE foot. No, I'm not kidding.

Heard: "I don't want silk. I want polyester."

I'll choose two winners (again, one local and one non-local) on Friday, September 26. I can't wait to read your stories!


Raegan Belliveau said...

This wall hangie thing is great, but would not work well with my decor either, but I thought you may like to hear my stories...
The funniest thing I have ever seen at Frenchy's is a toupe. I can seriously picture some man wearing that on his head, he would totally not be fooling anyone.

The funniest thing I've ever heard of happening at Frenchy's was of two women fighting over a blanket. One lady grabbed one end, the other lady grabbed the other. The first lady pulled so hard that she spun the other lady around in circles. Frenchy shoppers can be very aggressive!

TC said...

From someone (namely myself) who values books too highly, and obviously spends too much time reading them rather than working on his math skills.

SIGN: All books one dollar.
TC (with four books in hand): Will you take five dollars?

My bartering skills get rusty over the winter.

I know I've seen weird things at sales - like urine sample bottles - but I can't remember any specific ones right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very observant, so I miss the funny things, both visually and over-heard. The oddest thing I've come upon at a yard sale (and it's probably not odd to anyone else) was at the older guy's home: he had what must have been 15 sets of golf clubs - sets as in groupings of various clubs in golf bags (or whatever they're called) - some for adults, some for kids. I bought a set each for my 2 boys. Apparently, this guy did not used to own a golf shop. I never did ask why he had so many golf clubs.

Mainly, I just wanted write here because speaking of your soaps reminds me to tell you that I'm using your Plum Spice soap in the full-bath sink right now, and it is exquisite! The scent doesn't hit you in the face, but it's lingering while delicate. It reminds me something, yet I have trouble thinking of what it is. So, I make excuses to use the full-bath a lot lately just to use the soap. 8)

ingrid said...

I've been trying to think of good stories to tell you, but I unfortunately can't think of anything overly strange that I've overheard.

I did find an ulu ( at an old lady's house in Pubnico. She had died, so her kids were selling pretty much everything straight out of her house. She had a really old ulu in her garage. I picked it up because I thought it was a mezzulana (I'm not entirely sure how it's spelled), but when I brought it home, Dad and Nigel correctly identified it as an ulu. I haven't used it . . . mostly because I haven't had a craving for raw seal meat.

Anonymous said...

I once smiled at a prim looking, elderly, white haired lady sitting as a seller behind a table at a United Church Ladies yardsale. I proceeded to kneel down and look through a box of books she had to sell. I was stunned to find the title: 'The elusive Female Orgasm: how to find it'

Anonymous said...

I work for the Navy on the Submarines. My boss brought in a toy submarine that he bought at a yard sale. It was for the employee that we just hired because he worked his first overtime.

We like to play with it during morning recess at work!


Goatmeal_Crisp said...

Ok, Wal-Mart isn't exactly a thrift store, but it's cheap and it and I share such an intimate history.

Seen: a home drug-testing kit

Milly said...

I'm not local (Eastern U.S.) but would love to win your soaps!

The weirdest thing I saw at a yard sale was one of those high seat/chairs that are used to go over a toilet for someone who can't easily sit on a regular toilet seat.

Joanna said...

The strangest thing I ever saw was what looked like an archaic gynecological tool or lobotomy structural thingy. ew.

Nothing really strange I've heard other than: "Hmmm, I wonder what I can use this for..?"

That's it. BTW I LOVE the silver hangy thingy. It would work beautifully in my kitchen. Even though at heart I am an antiquy, cottage home wooden kinda gal, my home currently is Scandinavian, modern sleeky-cool whatever. Nuff said. Thank you for everything, Sher!