Sunday, September 14, 2008

mile-long yard sale

Blogless Annie, Ingrid, and I went to a mile-long yard sale this morning in Pubnico. I found a few great things, like these beautiful napkin rings (10 cents each),
and this handmade pottery dish with the imprint of a pine branch tip, which I'm going to use as a soap dish. Also 10 cents.
I love this antique tin, which was 25 cents, and will fit right in to my kitchen.
And I finally bought a Mini! If only a toy version for Phillip to play with. He wanted the Hummer, but I explained to him that we don't really support the idea of driving around in Hummers, and would rather have a Mini in the house. One other thing I bought which I didn't take a picture of is a sun shade baby tent thing. Difficult to describe, but it's similar to this one. Only not striped. We had a lovely time together and a snail's pace drive home because of a) an accident on the highway and b) the international air show was happening today, which resulted in lots of traffic. Which is unheard of around here, and reminded me to be thankful for that!


Austen said...

Nice finds! I also love old tins like that.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that dish is perfect! I'm going to make one similar to that when we start ceramics this fall. Thanks for the photo of that and all your other good finds. My boys would love the Mini toy car (my sister has a real one...named Emma!).